More pure water for longer

Unique WQA Gold Seal certification

One of the few tankless, reverse osmosis water filtration brands to be independently certified for durability, quality and safety by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

This ensures that the product is constructed from safe materials, the claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and the product quality will be maintained under normal use conditions.

High performance that doesn’t fade

Through a combination of high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) and carbon filters with anti-scaling materials, Pureit’s proprietary DURAviva filtration technology provides more clean water for longer.

Meet our Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers


5 Series UR5640 RO Water Filtration

Our highest capacity product, the UR5640 can produce the equivalent 4,300 water bottles (16.9 fl oz) or 1,500 water pitchers (48 fl oz) in a single day.* It also provides our fastest flow rate making it the perfect solution for larger households who need to access more water without the wait.


5 Series UR5440 RO Water Filtration

All the performance of the UR5640 model but scaled down for smaller households. The UR5440 model can still deliver over 2,900 water bottles (16.9 fl oz) or 800 water pitchers (48 fl oz) per day , all in one simple unit.

High filtration performance

Pureit's DURAViva technology uses 3 primary filters to provide 5 layers of filtration to reduce germs,

bacteria. It's also been tested to remove over 90% of total dissolved solids (TDS) like calcium,

magnesium, and potassium, as well 99% heavy metals like lead, chromium III, and cadmium¹.


30% more clean water³

Pureit’s unique DURAViva filtration technology uses a combination of anti-scaling materials and premium RO and carbon filters to maintain filtration and flow rate performance and reduce clogging. 

Even when tested in harder water conditions, Pureit water purifiers can produce up to 30% more clean water, maintaining filtration and flow rate with minimal drop off over their lifespan⁴. 


Pure, fresh water without the wait

Conventional reverse osmosis systems use a tank to store purified water and require a longer waiting time before water is dispensed. 

Pureit 5 Series tankless water purifiers are designed to produce a constant fast flow rate of fresh purified water, so you can fill a 6oz glass in just 8 seconds.

40% more compact design

The modern, tankless design is up to 40%

more compact than many RO tank water

filtration systems. It fits discreetly under your sink so you can have pure water without sacrificing space.

Tool-free filter replacement

Change filters in just four simple steps with our snap out, snap in filter replacement.

Designed to reduce leaks

The integrated water board is intelligently

designed to guide the flow of water using

fewer connection points than traditional tank RO systems, providing better quality water flow and reducing the chance of leaks.

15 years of uncompromised safety and purity.

Engineered to provide high performance that does not fade, so your family can have more pure water for longer.

Part of the Unilever family of brands.

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1. Independently tested on TDS (90%), lead/chromium III/cadmium (99%) measured up to 4800L (UR5440) and 7000L (UR5640) without filter replacement. Not all contaminants listed may be present in your water.

2. UR5440 has a measured daily production rate of 525 gallons per day. UR5640 has a measured daily production rate of 569 gallons per day. See Performance Data Sheet"

3. Compared to without DURAviva technology. Testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions with water hardness of 230 - 270 mg/L, TDS 450 - 550 mg/L. Actual filter performance may vary.

4. Filter lifespan is defined as 4800L (UR5440) or 7000L (UR5640) of filtered water.