5 Series UR5440 RO Water Purifier

Perfect for households of 4 people or less, this space saving, tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system can filter up to 2,900 water bottles (16.9 fl oz)¹. It fits right under your sink to give your family quick access to cleaner, purer water.

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More pure water for longer²

Through a combination of high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) and carbon filters with anti-scaling materials, Pureit’s proprietary DURAViva filtration technology removes contaminants down to 0.0001 μm³. That’s 700,000x smaller than a human hair⁴!

Fills over 3,900 bottles daily⁸

High-capacity filtration system can produce the equivalent of over 3,000 water bottles (16.9 fl oz) or 1,000 water pitchers (48 fl oz) per day⁸.

WQA Gold Seal-Certified

One of the few tankless, reverse osmosis water filtration brands to be independently certified for durability, quality and safety by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Hassle-free maintenance

Intuitive interface and filter lifetime indicator reminds you when and which filter needs to be replaced, making maintenance a breeze.

30% more clean water²

Pureit’s unique DURAViva technology maintains filtration and flow rate performance and reduces clogging. 

Even when tested in harder water conditions, Pureit water filtration systems can produce up to 30% more clean water, maintaining filtration and flow rate with minimal drop off over their lifespan².

40% more compact design

The space saving, tankless design is up to 40% more compact than many RO tank water purifiers. It fits discretely under your sink so you can have pure water without sacrificing space.

Eliminate long wait times

Eliminate the long wait for filtered water. Our system is designed to provide a consistently fast flow rate of water — so you can fill a 6oz glass with purified water in just 12 seconds¹.

Filter Life Indicator: Yes

Built-in automatic flushing: Yes 

Water leakage alarm: No 

Wheels: No

Wi-Fi connectivity / app: No

  • Dimensions
    16.14 X 5.51 X 14.17
  • Product weight
    18.30 lbs
  • Recommended filter change
    Composite Filter FUR54PGP - Filter Life 6-12 Months Carbon Block Filter FUR54CTO - Filter Life 6-12 Months Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter FUR54RO - Filter Life 2-3 Years
  • Number of filters
  • Filtered Water flow
    0.28 Gal/min
  • Electrical supply required: Yes
  • Electrical voltage: 100-240V power outlet with type A plug 
  • Required 1" hole in the countertop for the Pureit faucet: Yes
  • Applicable water temperature: 41°F - 100°F (5°C - 38°C)
  • Maximum counter thickness: 1.7"
  • DIY install possible: Yes [link to Installation page]
  • Under sink space required: Yes. Pureit device is 16.14" x 5.51" x 14.17"
  • Do not install the water purifier in a location with direct sunlight. 
  • Compatible with copper piping: No
  • Proximity to drainpipe: Please install within 5 feet of the drainpipe

We stand by our high-quality products with extended warranty coverage when you register your water purifier.

What is WQA and why is being Gold Seal Certified important?

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a leading voice of the commercial, industrial and residential water treatment industry. Pureit is one of the few tank less, RO water purifier brands that is WQA Gold Seal-certified. This is reserved only for products that pass the rigorous testing requirements of industry standards for quality, durability, and safety.​ This ensures that the product is constructed from safe materials, the claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and the product will hold up under normal usage conditions.

Is there an automatic flushing function for UR5440/UR5640?

Yes, both models have a built-in automatic flushing that will flush your water purifier for 30 seconds if it has not been used for 12 hours.

Where can I purchase replacement filters?

Please visit www.pureitglobal.com/us for purchasing replacement filters.

How do I know when to change my filters?

PGP/CTO filter: Recommended 6 – 12 months

RO filter: Recommended 2 - 3 years


The Pureit UR5440/UR5640 water purifiers have a built-in filter life indicator that will remind you when it is time to replace your filter. Actual replacement time will vary by usage and local water conditions.

Can I get professional installation assistance?

Currently, Pureit is offering a Pro Service in selected cities, please contact Customer Support team [info@us.pureitwater.com] for a plumber referral and more information.

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1- Testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions with water hardness of 230 - 270 mg/L, TDS 450 - 550 mg/L. Actual filtered water flow rate may vary.

2- Compared to without DURAviva technology. Testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions with water hardness of 230 - 270 mg/L, TDS 450 - 550 mg/L. Actual filter performance may vary. 

3- Tested on TDS (90%), lead/cadmium/chromium III (99%), measured up 4800L (UR5440) and 7000L (UR5640) without filter replacement. [Learn more us.pureitwater.com/why-pureit]. Not all contaminants listed may be present in your water. Depending on local water quality and use environment, actual performance may vary. 

4- A human hair is approximately 70 μm

5- Tested on raoultella and MS2.

6- See Performance Data Sheet.

7- Materials that come in contact with water.

8 -UR5640 has a measured daily production rate of 569 gallons per day. See Performance Data Sheet