Pureit Water Filters

DURAViva filtration technology is designed to provide high performance that does not fade over time¹ . Three primary filters provide five layers of filtration to reduce germs, bacteria and over 90% of TDS and heavy metals.²

Meet our filters
PGP filter

The PGP or composite prefilter layer removes sand, rust, particulates, and impurities from tap water. It is also designed with anti-scaling materials and high-quality carbon to reduce clogging.

RO filter

The reverse osmosis (RO) filter utilizes a large, three-membrane layers to remove over 90% of fine particles like bacteria, heavy metals, and total dissolved solids (TDS) down to 0.0001μm.

CTO filter

The activated carbon filter is made from coconut shell which is known to effectively reduce chlorine, odors and color from tap water.

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1. As defined by Filter Lifespan, meaning total production volume of 4800L (UR5440) or 7000L (UR5640). Actual filter lifetime may vary depending on composition of water source.

2. See Performance Data Sheet. Water supply composition varies and may not contain all elements tested.

3. Tested on TDS (90%), lead/cadmium/chromium III (99%), measured up 4800L (UR5440) and 7000L (UR5640) without filter replacement. Not all contaminants listed may be present in your water. Depending on local water quality and use environment, actual performance may vary.

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