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Make every drop of tap water cleaner, safer, and more wholesome for the entire family.

15 years of uncompromised safety and purity.

Engineered to provide high performance that does not fade,

so your family can have more pure water for longer.¹


Part of the Unilever family of brands.

More pure water for longer

Even when tested in harder water conditions, DURAViva filtration technology is shown to maintain filtration and flow rate with minimal drop off over its lifespan².

WQA Gold Seal-Certified

One of the few tankless, reverse osmosis water filtration brands to be independently certified for durability, quality and safety by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Purer water without the wait

The Pureit 5 Series is designed to provide a constant fast flow rate — so you can fill a 6oz glass with purified water in just 8 seconds.³

A better way for any home to enjoy more wholesome water

The Pureit 5 Series is an innovative reverse osmosis water filtration system that provides safer, purer water on demand. The compact, under-sink design makes it an ideal fit for any home or lifestyle.

5 Series UR5640 RO Water Filtration

Our highest capacity product, the UR5640 can produce the equivalent 4,300 water bottles (16.9 fl oz) or 1,500 water pitchers (48 fl oz) in a single days³. It also provides our fastest flow rate making it the perfect filtration solution for larger households who need to access more water without the wait.

5 Series UR5440 RO Water Filtration

All the performance of the UR5640 model but scaled down for smaller households. The UR5440 model can still deliver over 2,900 water bottles (16.9 fl oz) or 800 water pitchers (48 fl oz) per day³, all in one simple unit.

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Why purify your tap water?

Tap water is not sterile, so it might contain germs. According to CDC, even when the public water system is working correctly, a small number of germs that naturally occur in the environment can still be present. 

You can take steps to help ensure the water your family drinks is safer⁵, purer⁵ and great tasting with Pureit reverse osmosis water filtration system.

1. Compared to similar unit without Pureit DURAviva technology installed. Independently tested with water hardness of 230 - 270 mg/L; TDS 750 mg/L. Actual filter lifetime may vary depending on composition of water source.

2. See Performance Data Sheet. Filter Lifespan is defined as total production volume 4800L (UR5440) or 7000L (UR5640). Actual filter lifetime may vary depending on composition of water source.

3. UR5440 has a measured daily production rate of 525 gallons per day. UR5640 has a measured daily production rate of 569 gallons per day.

4. Filter lifespan is defined as total filtered volume of 4800L (UR5440) and 7000L (UR5640).Testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions with water hardness of 230 - 270 mg/L, TDS 450 - 550 mg/L. Actual filter performance may vary.

5. See performance data sheet.